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Gloria, its name slams like a rallying cry, for a refined and inventive cuisine that smells of fine Italian products, from all over Italy, from North to South and from South to North.

The products are sublimated in the kitchen by the maestro who, inspired by his native Puglia, shares with us subtle, playful, grassy and colorful flavors.

There is sunshine and freshness in his generous plates, buffalo mozzarella, anthology carpaccio, pasta in all its forms, tasty charcuterie boards, devastating pizzas, crazy panini, street food like beyond the Alps, and , for the most gourmet, the gnocchi flambéed with cognac in a wheel of parmesan with their truffle cream or perhaps also the gilthead sea bream with salmorigio sauce, include: pepper, lemon, parsley, olive oil, from Sicily of course, like the boss Adriano who receives you in the dining room for the greatest glory of Italian cuisine at its tastiest.

In short, run there, Gloria and her team are waiting for you, almost at the foot of the Eiffel Tower, to taste in its elegant room or to take away...



108 Rue Saint-Dominique,

75007 Paris




Continuous service 7/7


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